What quality means to us

Depending on the size and complexity of the solar plant or solar park, quality assurance construction supervision is carried out in the appropriate level of detail:

  1. construction supervision
  • Examination of the planning documents
  • Review of schedules
  • Continuous monitoring of the execution quality of the construction work
  • Metrological tests
  • Identification of defects, notification of defects, tracking and correction
  1. monitoring of test phase/sample operation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the trial operation
  • Recording and evaluation of the performance curves
  • Analysis and evaluation of the performance values of the entire plant and comparison with the contractually guaranteed performance
  1. acceptances
  • Inspection of the entire plant and detailed examination of central plant components
  • Performance of metrological tests, comparison with contract contents
  • Checking the documentation

Your advantages:

  • Early detection of deviations in performance characteristics
  • Early detection of technical defects
  • Prompt initiation of countermeasures
  • Detailed proof of function and performance before acceptance Ensuring the conformity of the services owed

Additional tests before the expiry of guarantees

  • In good time before the expiry of warranty and guarantees, the previous technical operation is assessed. Potential defects are identified at an early stage.
  • Important plant components are examined in detail
  • Measurement of the current-voltage characteristics at string and module level
  • Inspection of system safety (lightning protection, overvoltage protection, etc.)
  • Review of the previous elimination of defects

Quality has its price. Of course, we will consult experts from certified external monitoring organisations if required. But remember: quality assurance pays off.