PV is unbeatable in the German auctions
26.05.2020  17:05

German Auctions, Auctions

At the bidding deadline on 1 April 2020, bids for the joint tender for solar and wind energy systems on land were once again awarded exclusively to solar systems.

A total of 30 bids for a solar capacity of around 204 megawatts to be installed were accepted by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA). The average volume-weighted acceptance value of these bids is 5.33 ct/kWh (before receipt of the second collateral) and thus around 1 percent lower than in the previous joint tender in November 2019 (5.40 ct/kWh), but 0.15 ct/kWh higher than the value of the last technology-specific solar tender in March 2020 (5.18 ct/kWh).

As announced by the BNetzA (we reported), during the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus, bidders will be informed directly, i.e. the award decision will not be announced on the Internet for the time being. This means that the deadlines (concerning, among other things, penalties, implementation deadlines and payment of the second security) are not implemented.

(News from the German Solar Industry Association, Berlin).