Development of a Windfarm

Planning a wind farm is a long-term process that requires a lot of know-how and takes several years. In max renewables we devide It into four phases:

Phase 1: Preselection

The pre-selection of possible locations is based on the following main parameters:

  • Environmental compatibility - preliminary assessment
  • Soil and terrain properties
  • Area potential analysis for the evaluation of locations
  • Wind Resources
  • Examination and evaluation of the building law situation
  • Network availability of the area
  • Securing the mains connection

Time required: four to six months

Phase 2: Area protection

This includes the acquisition of the necessary plots of land and communication with the local stakeholders. It includes:

  • Presentation to communities
  • Presentation to owners
  • Area protection and location planning
  • Conclusion of lease agreements with favourable conditions for land owners

Time required: four to eight months

Phase 3: Approval procedure

Coordination of the approval procedures
Commissioning and obtaining the necessary expert opinions and permits (environment with flora and fauna, landscape impairment, air traffic / air force, etc)
Calculation and optimization of sound and shadow immissions
Obtaining and evaluation of subsoil expertises
where appropriate, assistance in drawing up or amending land-use and development plans

Time required: 16 to 24 months

4. Economic and technical project management

Creation of yield forecasts in Wind Pro
Preparation of profitability calculations with Greenmatch
Optimization of project financing
tendering and awarding of supply and works contracts
Site plans, cable plans, network connection planning incl. planning of transformer station
Time planning, planning transport & logistics, procurement plan

Time required: approx. 4-6 months

These planning steps are standard procedure in most European countries. If regional planning, land use plan or development plan is available, and wind farms are planned in it, the procedure can be shortened to about one and a half years. These long planning phases must be taken into account in all wind farm investments and explain why wind farm development is a time and cost intensive matter.