Long-term secure investments

An investment in a solar park from Max Renewables ensures that a long-term stable return is in line with ecological responsibility. Our mature solar parks are planned by experienced experts, built to high quality standards and professionally operated and managed.

The solar electricity generated is fed into the grid at fixed tariffs. The remuneration for the generated solar electricity is fixed for the long period of the solar plants' life cycle. Depending on the country, the fixed tariff is 15, 20 years or more. After expiry of the fixed remuneration, the generated electricity can be remunerated at competitive prices on the market for renewable energy, or through a private PPA (power purchase agreement). Thanks to intelligent repowering models, solar parks are increasingly developing as multi-generational investments and are therefore well suited for portfolios of long-term family offices or pension funds.
Internationalisation in the portfolio mix is another key-factor for long-term stable and attractive returns.