Overview of Projects

Projects in Germany

We are a german company and our team members are working in the renewable Business since 1998 in Germany. Our colleagues in the affiliated companies focus on the German Market with great success. We are happy to send you more information about the projects that have been accopmplished – more than 450 MW of projects that are built so far plus more than 300 MW in international projects.
Our present focus is development, finance and execution of profitable Renewable Projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Projects in Poland

Currently we have two Wind Energy projects of 66 MW in Poland in development. This includes all permits and the grid connection. Due to the change of legislation these projects are on hold.
In the field of PV we are currently completing 7 projects of 0.5 to 1 MW. The projects will be soon in the auction and ready to be build in 2019.

Projects in Cyprus

Max Renewable has two projects under development:
One PV project of 4,95 MW in the district of Larnaca and one PV Project of 7,5 MW in the district of Nicosia.

Projects in Greece

We have startet to look again into the greek market October 2017. Currently we are evaluating the purchase of 3 Wind Projects of a total of 112,9 MW for institutional investors plus 5 single WT of 3 MW each for our own portfolio.
In the field of PV we are in DD for a project of 21 MW and for a project under operation with 7,5 MW.

Middle East

Max Renewables currently has 5 PV projects ready for construction, which together will bring 48 MW of power to the grid. Planned construction time: September 2018-May 2019. Other activities include the planning of smaller projects to improve local electricity supply in rural areas.