Operation of a solar farm

Large scale solar farms have a much lower operating management and maintenance than wind farms.
Nevertheless, a sophisticated operational management and tight organisation brings a huge payback in the long run.








Max Renewables offers the following services in the field of technical management:
-Remotely monitored operation
-Fault analysis – Troubleshooting
-In case of failure of components the defective parts are replaced immediately
-Thermography cameras (touchless function test) produce thermogram comparison with digital recording (Allows convenient analysis without interrupting operation)

-Maintenance of the system components according to manufacturer specifications
-Maintenance of the fence and gate systems
-Maintenance of the transformer building
-Maintenance of the substructures and the wiring
-Provision of important spare parts
-Performance measurement and characteristic analyzes in the park on the module and string level


Facility maintenance and washing:

-Mowing (machine or manual cutting free)
-Grazing with suitable sheep
-Module Cleaning
Winter Maintenance:

-With equal qualifications, we prefer partners from the local environment







Services in the field of commercial management:
-Accounting: budget planning, budget control, accounting, controlling
-Reports to Owners
-Settlements with electricity suppliers etc
-Direct profit of green electricity
-Negotiable guarantee and warranty