Potential of geothermal technology 2015 (IPCC)

Geothermal energy is one of the promising and reliable energy sources and can be classified as renewable source because of the utilization of the constant tapped heat that exists at the earth`s interior. Geothermal energy can be applied for small scaled domestic direct heating or for large scaled combined heat and power generation.
Direct heating:
Utilizing the constant temperature difference between earth`s surface area and in depths above 30m (50°C) where a geothermal well is created . In winter heat pumps circulate using pipes (heat exchanger system) and pump water in these depths for hot water supply and in summer vice versa.
Geothermal Power Plants:
Are applied at locations where temperatures about 180°C can exist at depths less than 5km either in the form of geological wells or in the form of hot dry rocks. Drilling wells are created at 5km depth where heat pumps circulate the water generating steam due to pressure difference activating a steam turbine for electricity production combined with the heat produced. This method can be altered boiling a low boiling point working fluid.

Geothermal Power Station

-Constant supply and reliable energy/heat source
-Flexible in applications for small scale and large scaled
-Required large area
-High noise level
-Possible seismic and geological anomalies impacts
-High cost / drilling cost