Development of a solar farm

Development of a solar farm is a process that involves specialists from project development, engineering and spacial planning. The three main phases are:

1. Acquisition, surface protection and site planning
-Localization of possible locations:
-Landscape quality, environment, spatial planning, solar radiation, grid availability
-Presentation to communities
-Presentation to owners
-Lease agreement with owners
-Time required: 4-8 months

2. Technical Project management
-Objective: To optimize the planning
-Electrical parameters
-Fuse of the mains connection
-Technical / economic study
-Coordination of services by consultants / engineering
-Cable route planning, access roads, power supply planning, substation / substation

Time required: Parallel to 1 and 3

3. Land use planning / approval process

In Poland:
Depending on the size of the solar farm and the local conditions must be re-established either a land-use and development plan. Time required total of 26-28 months.
See our text at wind / development.
After that, the building permits can be applied for. (Time required: 3 months)
In many locations, solar farms can also be scheduled in existing commercial areas or are being developed for construction by a single decision of the community and obtaining a permit from the Environmental Agency. (Time required: 6-9 months).

in Germany:

Is the procedure to be dependent on the building laws of the state and of the respective existing plans.

For solar parks, no process shall be carried out under the Federal Emission Control Act.
Pure planning so only a planning application must be made; the land – use and development plans, however, must allow the construction of solar plants. If this is not the case, these plans must be amended or modified by the municipality.
Duration of the process: 6 to 18 months.